The ingenuity of LABRATS

While judging entries in the Oceans 180 video competition, Ms. Lollie Garay and her students grades 5-8 at Redd School in Houston, Texas, conceived a brilliant research question: Can the protective chambers for the clams [shown in the video] be constructed from recycled materials?

Ms. Garay’s team of LABRATS (Learning ABout Research And Technology through Science) have since successfully developed a prototype made entirely from recycled materials that I intend to trial in 2016. In addition to skills in creativity and applied science, until recently the Team was selling popsicles and hot chocolate to pay for shipping the chamber to me in the South Pacific.

For me, the ingenuity, intelligence and persistence exhibited by the entire LABRATS Team is quite humbling, and is guaranteed to be a source of inspiration for other students. From left to right, Victoria, Abby and Emma.

The full LABRATS Team: From left to right: Jillian, Victoria, Assist. Coach Alisha, Abby, Head Coach Lollie, and Emma.